Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you operate?

I work within about a 12 mile radius of Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Refer to my locations page for areas I cover. I can travel further for larger jobs.

2. Do you have a minimum size for cleaning?

No, If you have just a few steps or small path, I am happy to clean them for you. 

3. Does somebody have to be at home when you are cleaning?

No. I can do the job whilst you are absent, as long as I have access to the area to be cleaned and a water tap. My van is fully equipped with petrol powered cleaning tools so I do not need to connect to electric power, For small jobs I can supply the water so do not need access to a water tap if one is not available.

4. Do you remove pots, furniture etc from my patio before cleaning?

I prefer that the customer removes all items from the areas to be cleaned before I arrive. However, I can do this (and return items when cleaning is complete), but cannot take responsibility for any damage that may happen. I will take great care when moving items, but it is common that items that have been outside for a long time are prone to breaking when you try to move them. (especially wooden items)


5. Will neighbours property get dirty?

When cleaning an area there inevitably be over spray and water run off. Whilst keeping this to a minimum, it is likely that any neighbouring areas may be affected. Please ask your neighbours to move any vehicles well clear of the surrounding area to be cleaned.     

6. How much water do you use?

The amount of water used depends upon the size, surface material and level of dirt, so no two jobs are the same. However, an average two car driveway would typically use under £2 of water.

7. Do you need access to electricity?

No. The pressure washer used is van mounted and petrol driven.

8. What happens to the dirt made whilst cleaning?

Any soils, weeds, moss or sand etc displaced whilst cleaning is captured and not washed down your drain/street drain/neighbouring areas.  

Any areas that get dirty, caused by pressure washer spray, will be cleaned afterwards as part of the service. (e.g windows, doors, fencing, railings)

9. Are you insured?

Yes. I have £1 million Public Liability Insurance and happy to show you the certificate when I visit you. 

10. How long will my drive stay weed free?

Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to this, as weeds will always return at some point in time, dependant upon several factors:


- in the shade

- north facing

- overhanging trees

- volume and type of traffic

- maintenance routine

Cleaning will remove shallow weeds, grass and moss (including the root), but deep rooted weeds such as dandelions will be removed, but will also need to be treated with weedkiller to kill the roots. When cleaning block paving, the sand/dirt between the blocks is removed and replaced with new sand which helps to inhibit future weed growth. Optionally you may wish to use a weed inhibiting sand instead of ordinary (kiln dried) and/or have sealant applied after cleaning which binds the sand and keep weed growth at bay for longer.

11. I have paving with broken/missing mortar joints (pointing) - do you replace these?

Mortar joint replacement is not a service that I provide. I only clean the areas and do my best not to disturb any poor joints. It should be noted that cleaning will inevitably make missing or poor joints more noticeable and prone to weed germination if not repaired - it is recommended that these are fixed soon after cleaning.

Note that good mortar joints do not get damaged during the cleaning process.

12. How long does cleaning take?

The size, layout, type and level of dirt to be cleaned all contribute to the time (and cost) it will take to clean. Should you need a time estimate, I can provide one when I inspect the area for your quote. Unless you have a large area to clean, the cleaning is usually completed within a few hours. If you have block paving, or you require sealants to be applied, this will need at least two visits on separate days to the property as sand/sealants cannot be applied on the same day of cleaning as the ground need time to dry thoroughly.

13. Are your dates guaranteed?

The ability for me to work is dependant upon the weather. Cleaning can be done in most weather conditions, but sanding/sealing/painting require dry days before and on the agreed date. Therefore, it is possible that I have to cancel and re-arrange some jobs at short notice if wet weather is forecast.  Please be aware of this, but I will do my best to keep to agreed dates.

14. Are your prices guaranteed?

Once I have visited you and given you a quote, that is the price you will pay. You only pay when the job is complete and there is no money to pay up front. Please understand that sometimes, once an area has been cleaned, it may uncover areas of damage, oil stains, lichen etc that were not visible before cleaning and hence not included in an original quote. Any potential additional work/cost will only be undertaken following a discussion and agreement with the customer.

15. Can you remove oil stains?

I can treat oil stains and they may be removed completely else be reduced. The success of removing oil stains cannot be guaranteed as there are many factors that affect how well they respond to treatment. If the oil is on block paving, it may be possible to swap blocks with others to move the stained blocks to areas where the stain is less noticeable.  

16. Do you do repairs?

I only do minor repairs - Any repairs needs can be assessed when I visit to provide a quote for the job.

17. Why should I get someone to clean my drive/patio when I could do it myself?

There are a variety of pressure washers on the market that you could purchase/hire and do the job yourself should you wish to, but here are a few benefits of Outdoor Restore doing this job for you:

a) It is a very messy job - you are going to get dirty, as may walls windows and other surroundings. 

b) Risk of personal injury or damage to property - Do you have all the appropriate equipment for the job and

     appropriate personal safety equipment?

c) Water drain away - if your drainage is poor you may not have the ability to clear water pools. 

d) Quality of work - Domestic pressure washers are suited to cleaning small and lightly soiled areas, but large     

    areas or significantly dirty areas will need a more powerful cleaner to get good results in a reasonable time.

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